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Denmark Community Windfarm Inc

Supporting the Community of Sustainable Living Fund

DCW Inc. holds a 10% shareholding in Denmark Community Windfarm Ltd, the public company responsible for taking the project to construction and operation. DCW Inc. is using the dividends from this shareholding to endow the Community Sustainable Living Fund .


The Fund aspires to foster, fund, support and develop Sustainable Community Enterprise (SCE) Projects, particularly Sustainable Energy within Denmark and the south coast region of WA.



A SCE may be for profit or non-profit, towards a  local sustainable business. It might be conducting research programs and feasibility studies aimed at developing SCE projects; a pilot study or marketing, encouraging cooperation and coordination in Sustainable Energy, Energy Descent and SCE Projects; and related activities. The Denmark Windfarm is an example of a SCE (a big one).

DCW Inc is a not-for-profit community group, incorporated in September 2003 to progress legal and financial structures for an organisation to own and operate the windfarm.


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